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Rental Centre

Choose from the selected awesome items that we have picked and stored just to ensure that you can host a larger than life event. Being not just any other New Westminster Party Venue, we have carefully collected these items in our rental centre which you are not going to get anywhere else. With the utmost care and passion, we have selected these items so that you can rent them on site and use them to add grandeur to your event. 

When you find us after having searched countless wedding halls for rent, you won’t need to look any further. Apart from providing you with an unmatched service experience and an extraordinary quality in catering, we have items in our rental centre that are too good to resist. You can take a look at the items that we have listed on our online rental centre and see for yourself. 

We know it’s not every day that you host an event, and this is why we’re here to make your life’s celebrations unforgettable. Choose the Metro Hall and make your event extraordinary! 

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