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How to Choose a Wedding Venue

Planning your wedding day should be fun and exciting.  But for most, planning a wedding is a new adventure with a big learning curve.  To help you avoid unexpected surprises when planning your wedding, we’ve put together a list of the top questions you should ask before choosing your wedding venue.

Be sure to ask the same questions at each wedding venue so you can create a list of pros and cons and ultimately, choose a space that you and your guests will remember for years to come!


  • How many guests can the wedding venue accommodate (be sure to specify what type of floorplan you want – for example cocktail vs sit down banquet)

  • What time can I get in the venue and what time do I need to have all guests out of the venue?

  • Is there a bridal suite onsite?

  • Is there parking nearby?

  • Is there transit nearby?

  • What hotels are nearby?

  • What are some great locations to have photos taken nearby?

  • Can I do my ceremony and reception at your venue?

  • Who will be helping me with my wedding on the big day?

Food and Beverage

  • Do you provide catering?

  • Can I view your menu?

  • Do you offer menu tastings?

  • What is your policy on special dietary requests and menu customizations?

  • Can I bring my own food?

  • Do you have a kitchen on site?

  • Do you provide alcohol?

  • What do you charge for alcoholic drinks?  (not finding this out up front could leave you with an unexpected bar bill at the end of your wedding in the thousands of dollars)

  • Can I bring my own alcohol?

  • Do you provide bartenders?

  • Can I bring my own bartenders?

  • Do you provide mixers (pop, juice, etc.)?

  • Do you provide plates, cutlery and barware?

Sound, Lighting and Video

  • Do you have a sound system?

  • Do you provide a DJ?

  • Do you provide dance lights?

  • Do you provide a projector?

  • Do you provide a screen?

  • Do you have any other special audio, video or lighting equipment on site to create ambiance?

  • Is the Socan music licensing fee included?

Furniture, Décor and Linens

  • What furnishings come with the venue?

  • What décor do you offer?

  • Are tables provided?A

  • re chairs provided?

  • Do you provide cloth linens, napkins and chair covers?

  • Do you allow candles/open flames?

  • Are there any décor limitations?

Set Up, Tear Down and Cleaning

  • Who is in charge of the set up?

  • What is your policy on early drop offs and scheduled deliveries?

  • What is your policy on venue clean-up and disposal of garbage and empties?


  • What other special services do you offer (ie. décor planning, wedding planning, on-site rentals, other vendor discounts, set up, etc.)?

  • What makes your wedding venue special or different from other venues?


Can you provide a quote that includes a detailed breakdown of everything that is included?

Be sure to include all taxes, gratuities, alcohol and any licensing fees. 

Do you have a payment plan/when do I have to pay?


Considering The Metro for your big day?  Please contact our experienced wedding planners today to get answers to all these questions and more.  We’ve planned 100s of weddings and would love to help make your wedding day extraordinary!

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1 Comment

Jun 15, 2020

For your kind Information:

Jamaica wedding venue - legal action

The Queens Highway Citizens’ Association Ltd has served notice of commencement of legal proceedings upon the owner of a villa that acts as a wedding venue plus their tenant who actually operate the wedding business, namely #Borghinvilla_Wedding_Venue. The legal action is for both Breach of Covenant and Nuisance as the villa is situated in the residential area of Queens Crescent in Discovery Bay Jamaica

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